Amazon expedition with British Ambassador to GROW eco-tourism in Colombia

A British and Colombian delegation have visited the Amazonia for an exchange on sustainable tourism.  The delegation identified opportunities to stop deforestation, improve tourism practices and increase scientific research.

Accompanied by a delegation of six British and six Colombian organizations, the British Ambassador to Colombia, Dr. Peter Tibber, visited for the first time the Amazonian Trapeze to initiate an international exchange of experience, to improve and implement good sustainable tourism practices and scientific research as a strategy to stop deforestation and stimulate the socioeconomic development of the region.

For four days, the group of 16 experts in biology, economics, history, development, environmental policy, sustainable tourism, design, art, communications and marketing developed an agenda that included discussion with government, environmental, academic and local communities about the challenges and opportunities for tourism and research in the area.

After meeting with the municipalities of Leticia, Puerto Nariño and the Governor of the Amazon, the Ambassador Tibber expressed concern:
“Deforestation in the region has increased dramatically and Colombia must do more to counteract it. This requires a real political commitment, an accompaniment of competent experts, financial support and the participation of the international community.”

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