Cacao: A Colombian treasure

Is a short video highlighting the importance of cacao production for the prosperity of megadiverse countries like Colombia. The video profiles the origins of cacao (the plant from which chocolate is made) in the Amazon rainforest.

There are many varieties growing in the wild which makes Colombia one of the biggest repositories – or treasure chests – of cacao diversity in the planet. The video portrays the Colombia-UK bioscience collaboration in the GROW Colombia programme in which scientists and economists are working together to gather data and understand more about the genetic diversity and future of cacao production. Wild cacao varieties can improve sought after traits in commercially grown varieties and therefore refine the aroma, texture, and taste of high-quality chocolate products.

The video also shows the vital role that cacao plays in sustaining the livelihoods of many families in rural Colombia. Improvements in growing and harvesting practices can generate wealth sustainably for vulnerable communities whilst also tackling the causes of deforestation. The video celebrates cacao as one of Colombia’s most valuable treasures and a potential source of the country’s long-term, sustainable prosperity.

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